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Beautiful Gifts over $100.00

All Clad Sets

Made in the USA, and used by some of the best know chefs All Clad Pans are synonymous with beautiful, high quality cook ware. For the holiday season the Compleat cook is offering our sets for amazing deals!

Stainless Steel 3 ply:

7 pc set: $700.00 Promo $500.00

10 pc set: $1080.00 Promo $700.00

14 pc set: $1600.00 Promo $1100.00

Copper core 5 ply:

7 pc set: $1000.00 Promo $700.00

10 pc set: $1500.00 Promo $1000.00

14 pc set: $2300.00 Promo $1700.00

Le Creuset Tagine

Designed for a Moroccan stew dish of the same name, the tagine has steadily been gaining popularity for the last few years. Perfect for the cook who has everything! $220.00


If you’re looking for the top of the line, the thermapen is defiantly it. With a 3 second read time, splash proof casing, and easy to use design, it’s no wonder it’s the first choice for chefs, food inspectors, and food lovers everywhere! Perfect for meat, oil, bread, candy, and more! $120.00


Bamix is the original immersion blender. It has a 10 year warranty and is still made in Switzerland and ranges from $180.00 to $449.99 depending on how many attachments are included.

Miyabi knives

Miyabi 5000dp knives are made with 62 layers of folded Damascus steel and a linen resin handle. They will make any chef feel like a Japanese master.

On promo $114.99 to $204.99, knife dependent.

Larch wood Cutting Boards

Made right here in Canada, these boards are constructed using end grain larch wood giving them not only style, but long lasting durability. What a statement piece!

$150.00 to $350.00,shape and size dependent.