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Great Gifts for under $50.00

The Corkcicle $30.00

One of Opra’s picks this year, this little wine gadget chills reds down, and maintains cool whites for optimal wine enjoyment.

The Jacard $27.00 for 15 blade

This tool is one of our all time favourite guy gifts! A Jacard tenderizes meat without flattening it. Using 45 tiny razor blades, it pierces the meat, cutting the tough connective tissue. Perfect for game as well as tough beef and marinating!

Le Creuset Condiment Jars regular $40.00 promo for $30.00!

These little guys are as cute as can be, what better way to add a touch of France to your table!

Shoe Wine Bottle Holders $33.00

Fits most wine bottles, and makes a great decoration. Besides, who doesn’t know a lady who loves shoes and wine?

Lampe Berger Starter Pack $44.00

Lampe Berger is a product that has been around for over 100 years. Invented in France, it is an alcohol burning lamp which uses a catalytic burner to neutralize odors and kill air born bacteria.

Whiskey Stones $28.00

One of our most requested items this year, whiskey stones are pieces of stone which, when frozen, chill down your drink without watering it down.

Kitchen Aprons $20.00-$24.00

An apron always makes a great addition to any cooks arsenal. We carry one of the largest selection of men’s and women’s aprons in Calgary!

Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper $33.00

This item has been the talk of the town, appearing in cooks illustrated and fine cooking magazine. It’s smart design stops any pot from boiling over.

Stop by the store to see all of these great gifts and more, and stay tuned next week for our over $100.00 list!