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Non-Stick Pans

The myth with Non-Stick pans is that they are magic pans. You don’t need to use any fat in them, you can use whatever type of heat and what ever type of utensils on the pans and that nothing will ever stick to the surface in the life of the pan…. Wrong!

Non-stick pans are our most popular seller out of our stainless steel cookware section but they also give us the biggest headaches. Companies are forever changing their products trying to make that magic pan even better and change their warranty’s according to the new finish. Customers are forever treating them like indestructible pieces of cookware and can’t understand why they don’t work as a non-stick pan anymore.

There are several types of non-stick out there but they all have the same basic concept of what type of treatment they require after purchasing one:

Use some type of fat – Myth is that you do not need any fat with a non-stick pan, you do need some fat just not as much as you would need with a stainless steel inside. 

Use a natural fat – Use butter or any type of oil you prefer to cook with. Do not use a chemical cooking spray. The chemical cooking spray will eventually leave a coating on your pan and it won’t come off, trust me we have tried everything!

Warm Up your pan – First make sure you warm up your pan with your natural fat. Be patient and take the extra moment to let it warm up on a medium to low heat.

Use medium to low heat – These pans are not meant for high heat it might work the first few times but they you will have problems with the non-stick surface. Make sure you check the heat they can go into the oven at, some pans can others can not. These pans are not made for searing so don’t try it, use a cast iron pan or a stainless steel pan.

Hand wash – Most companies put dishwasher safe on their labels so they seem more friendly to consumers, but the companies actually recommend that you hand wash them. There are so many different aspects of your dishwasher that can affect your pans, really they take up so much room why not wash and dry it and put it away, you can fit more into your dishwasher!