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Cranberry and Raisin Jar Pies


February 21, 2017

This is a great recipe to make ahead and served to large crowds. The pies freeze well for up to 2 months, so I always make extra just incase a few more guests drop buy unexpectedly.

The filling for these pies is an old, old prairie classic, dating back to my Great Grandmother Lena Close who was born in the late 1800's.

You can use your favourite pie crust recipe. choose one that yields 1 closed faced 9" pie. I chose a vegetable shorting crust for this one, because it's very malleable, and has a tendency not to shrink.

  • Prep: 1 hr 5 mins
  • Cook: 35 mins
  • Yields: 6


Basic Pie Dough

2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

3/4 cup shortening

4 tbsp vinegar

4 tbsp ice cold water

1 egg

Cranberry And Raisin Filling

1 cup raisins

1/2 cup water

3/4 cup sugar

1 tbsp flour

2 cups cranberries (fresh or frozen)

1 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp almond extract

1 tbsp butter


Basic Pie Dough Instructions

1Combine flour, salt, and sugar in a large bowl.

2Cut in fat with a knife, mix until dough forms coarse crumbs.

3In a small bowl, combine vinegar, water and egg, mix well.

4Pour a little bit of the mixture into the flour mixing gently, adding more liquid until you reach the desired consistency. (I use about 1/2 a cup).

5Chill dough for at least 1/2 hr.

For The Jars

1Take a golf ball sized piece of the dough and gently line the inside of each jar, adding more dough as needed. Try to keep the dough fairly thin, but not see through. I focus on the sides of the jar first, as they are the most fiddley, then press the bottom in afterwards.

2Fill the jars with filling, leaving about 1/2 an inch headspace (a little more if freezing).

3Once you have filled the jars with filling, cut round pieces of the dough to cover the jars, using the lid of the jar as a guide. Place down inside the jar, right on top of the filling, fold over any crust coming up the sides of the jar.

4At this point you can either put the lid of the jar on the pie and freeze them (cooking times will not change), or bake and serve right away!

5Bake at 425F for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 350F and continue baking for another 20 minutes.

Cranberry And Raisin Filling

1Bring water and raisins to a boil.

2Stir flour and sugar together, then add to raisins, stirring well.

3Cook until thickened.

4Preheat oven to 425 F.

5Add Cranberries to the raisin mixture, cook until the skins begin to pop.

6Cool and add remaining ingredients.

7Pour into pie shell, jars, or tarts.