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Simple, But Lovely

Welcome to the dog days of Summer! As our crops and gardens begin to yield tasty rewards, most of us begin combing the internet to try and find ways of best utilizing our quickly ripening fruits and veggies! In my hunt I couldn’t help noticing a family favourite is sorely under represented!

The simple tomato sandwich is one of those things that my Dad waits patiently for all throughout June. Watering his prize plants, and hauling them under the eaves at any sign of bad weather. No wonder either. To him (and me) there aren’t many things tastier than a fresh tomato still warm from the morning sun. If you’re not a tomato grower, have no fear! Calgary’s farmers will happily share theirs with you!

Now their are many tomato sandwiches out there, but our rendition seems to be missing. So forgive the simple recipe this post, but I felt it warranted sharing!

Toasted Sesame and Tomato Sandwich

There’s not much needed for this one:

Your favourite toast

Your best tomatoes, sliced




Sesame seeds

Optional: Basil

Firstly, this is an open faced sandwich! Toast your toast, spread a bit of mayo on, top with tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste and sesame seeds. If you’re feeling crazy, grab a few leaves of basil and tear those up for on top too!

That’s all there is to it, any easy breakfast for a lazy summer morning