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The Perfect “Sugar Cookie”

With another holiday on it’s way, our customers are dusting off the shaped cutters and making some more cute cookies for their little ones to decorate. But one of my pet peeves with sugar cookies is the brittle and misshapen accidents that inevitability form. Legs and ears fall off seemingly at random, turning that cute little bunny rabbit into a terrifying monster. Luckily, there is a solution! Cook’s illustrated has developed a butter cookie recipe that is a no fail, no break alternative that will leave your little decorators shouting with glee! So, without further ado; Butter cookies!

Butter Cookie Dough:

2 ½ cups all purpose flour

¾ cup sugar

¼ tsp salt

½ lb butter, cool room temperature

2 tbsp cream cheese

*1 tbsp milk

2 tsp vanilla

-In a stand mixer, mix together flour, sugar and salt until just combined (about 10 seconds)

-With the mixer running, gradually add the butter. Continue to mix until the dough is crumbly and slightly wet.

-In a little bowl, mix together milk and vanilla. Add to dough along with cream cheese.

-Mix until the dough starts to form large clumps.

-Remove from mixer and knead by hand to form the dough into a large cohesive clump. Divide into 2 balls, flatten into discs and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

-Chill in fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes (up to 2 days) until dough starts to firm up.

-Preheat oven to 375 F, and move the oven rack to center position.

-Roll out dough to a 1/8 inch thickness**, and cut into desired thickness. Bake on Parchment lined cookie sheet for 10 minutes, rotating sheet half way through baking time.

-Remove from pan, and cool.

* The milk is not in the original recipe, but I found the dough too dry to easily manipulate, so I made the addition.

**Because this dough is quite tough, a marble rolling pin really speeds up this step. It’s extra weight helps with rolling, while the cool stone keeps the dough chilled.

The Glaze

1 tbsp cream cheese

2-3tbsp milk

1 ½ cups icing sugar

-Whisk cheese and 2 tbsp milk together in a medium bowl until completely smooth.

-Whisk in sugar and remaining milk until you reach your desired consistency.