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Try Me Program

Getting Started Is Easy!

You can take home one of our selected pieces of cookware for five days at absolutely no cost to try. All we do is record your drivers license and credit card information, there is no deposit required.

Use and Care of our Pans
  • No chemical cooking spray is to be used on the pans
  • No high heat for our non-stick pans
  • No Dishwasher,
  • Please hand wash with a mild detergent and an appropriate scrubber stainless steel or non-stick pans so they do not scratch
  • Use some natural fat source on the pans including non-stick pans
  • Return piece in original box and packaging
Return & Damage Policy

Once the pan is returned to us in original condition and on time we will no longer keep your credit card information.

If after five days if the pan isn’t returned or is returned damaged we will charge your credit card for the total cost of replacement of the pan.

Brands Included
  • Swiss Diamond Non-Stick
  • Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Induction
  • LeCreuset Forged Non-Stick (Induction Friendly)
  • Sensation Fry Pan (Induction Friendly)
  • Sensation Sauce Pan (Induction Friendly)
  • Demeyere Sauce Pan (Induction Friendly
  • LeCreuset Stainless Steel Sauce Pan (Induction Friendly)
  • Staub Cast Iron Cocotte